FAQs for Driver

Sign up online, submit the required documents, complete our training, and upon approval, you can start driving.

Your vehicle should not be older than 10 years, must meet all safety standards, and be in good condition.

Drivers receive compensation based on the distance driven and the duration of the trip. Bonuses and surcharges may also apply.

Yes, Lobi offers flexible working hours. You decide when and how much you want to work.

Payouts are made weekly directly to your bank account.

In case of an accident, immediately contact emergency services and then Lobi to report the incident and receive assistance.

Optimize your working hours during peak times and take advantage of our incentive programs.

No, signing up with Lobi is free. However, there may be costs for document verification or training.

Lobi prioritizes safety training, real-time vehicle tracking, and 24/7 support.

Lobi provides 24/7 support for drivers through the app or by phone.

FAQs for User

Select your destination and pickup time in the app, confirm your pickup address, and choose your preferred ride option.

Lobi accepts credit cards, debit cards, and selected mobile payment services.

Yes, you can schedule rides in advance to ensure your vehicle is ready at the desired time.

Contact the driver through the app. If no resolution is reached, please book a new ride and report the issue to Lobi.

You can cancel your ride through the app. Please note that cancellation fees may apply.

Animals are allowed in vehicles provided they can be safely transported. Please inform the driver in advance.

Contact the driver through the app or report the lost item directly to Lobi.

Yes, Lobi offers various vehicle options, from standard to premium.

Children below a certain height or age must travel in an appropriate child seat. Please specify this when booking.

After the ride, you can rate your experience in the app and provide feedback.